How to win an argument

I hate arguing!

But the problem is, argument is just another part and parcel of conversation. We disagree and we argue. I wish a few people don’t had this habit to take arguments personally.

No matter, whatever the case is , I hate losing an argument, so the best thing would be to avoid an argument. And, in case, you are not able to avoid it, what should we do?

So, I tried to find out some answers about it. Seems like some German gentleman, named Arthur Schopenhauer had already provided 38 ways to win an argument. That’s awesome.

While doing some internet research I found that several books have been written on same subject. (So, this is a serious topic)

And, I found a TED video, which is worth a watch.


 The more you argue, the more you loose.

What I learnt?

  1. Argue, for sake of a cognitive gain. You shall always win.
  2. Every person has a way of thinking and living. You should not force your thinking on others.
  3. Do not argue to prove others wrong. Argue to get the facts right.


Move your blog from blogger to self hosted WordPress

In this post I will be discussing about moving from Blogger to WordPress.

WordPress is a Content Management System which is highly customizable, simple and easy to use. if you search the internet you will learn that BlogSpot is a good blogging platform to start your blogging career, but for long run self hosted blog is what you should select.[Read here]. However there is a disadvantage with Self Hosted WordPress, that you need to download it and configure it on your own. But with the advent of technology you can move your blog from Blogger to WordPress in just 4 steps.


How to migrate from Blogger to WordPress

  1. Choose a doman name : Buy a domain name – Domain name like mine – is the identity of the website. You will move from a to your own domain i.e. which is a brand in itself.Call it your address on the internet.
  2. Buy Hosting : You need web hosting to store your website , which in this case is WordPress platform. Most of the web hosts comes with a one click WordPress installer so you need not to worry about installing WordPress.
  3. Import content from blogger : You can import your content from blogger into WordPress by using a free plugin available in WordPress dashboard.
  4. Set custom redirect in blogger : You need to set a redirect (tell the browsers that you have a new address). To enter a Custom Redirect, go to Settings | Search Preferences and click Edit next to “Custom Redirects.” Enter the old URL in the “Source” field, and the new URL in the “Destination” field. Click Save changes, and you’re done! To add more redirects, select New redirect.
Now there are lot of options for domain bookings and hosting. I will suggest you to go for a web hosting plan which offers personalized support. Simple Servers India has a web hosting plan suited just for bloggers.

Why Simple Servers India

Just go the website of Simple Servers India and buy this plan , when you book the blogger plan they provide free support to move your data from blogger to WordPress. You can also ask their help to set up a custom redirect.
Simple Servers India WordPress Hosting
Simple Servers India
Moving your hosting platform might seem a difficult and risky task but if you have a proper support it is easy and worth for the investment.