Is it true?? Big foot or Yeti is claimed to be found

Two Georgia men claim to have found in the northern woods of that state something that has been often reported but never proven to exist: a Bigfoot.

They say they have a body, photos of the body, and DNA evidence — some or all of which will be revealed this Friday, Aug. 15, at a press conference in Palo Alto, Calif.

Is it really true.Big foot is also known as Yeti.It has also been sighted in India.

In early March, 1986, the author observed and photographed a large hominid-like animal which was believed to be the Yeti. This remarkable incident occurred by chance during a solo run in the Garhwal Himalaya of northern India, near western Nepal.

“It was difficult to restrain my excitement as I came to the realization that the only animal I could think of which remotely resembled this one before me was the Yeti. My skepticism about the creature’s existence was overturned by this all-too-real creature then in view. It was standing with its legs apart, apparently looking down the slope, with its right shoulder turned towards me. The head was large and squarish, and the whole body appeared to be covered with dark hair, although the upper arm was a slightly lighter color. The creature was amazingly good at remaining motionless, although the bush vibrated once or twice, and when I moved back down to lower ground, it appeared to have changed its head position and to be looking more directly at me.”

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  1. I saw the video and I am Bigfoot believer, but as watch and listen to the video I just wish I had a way to see it with my own eyes, because with the shadow in the picture it does not look right. I mean how long has it been dead, as I mention in my other comment how did they pick it up. The creature is about eight foot tall and weighs 400 to 600 pounds, well probably less than that because of the decay in the body, but think of the dead wieght. Gotta go will talk later

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