India’s indigenously developed multi-barrel rocket system, ‘Pinaka’, was successfully test-fired from the Proof and Experimental Establishment of the Defence and Research Development Organisation.

The sophisticated rocket is an area weapon system aimed at supplementing the existing artillery guns with a range beyond 30 km. Its quick reaction time and high rate of fire gives the Indian Army an edge during low intensity war-like situations.

Earlier, the army was solely dependent upon other countries, mainly Russia for the multi-barrel rocket launcher system, the sources said.

This indigenously designed MLRS is far cheaper than the international competition, costing just Rs 23 million per system. By comparison the American M270 MLRS costs Rs 195 million, and the 9P140 URAGAN of Russia and the ASTROS-II of Brazil each cost Rs 38 million.
Range  7 km – 40 km
Rocket Diameter  214 mm
Warheads  fragmentation high explosive
anti-tank and anti-personnel minelettes
anti-tank bomlettes

Rate of Fire  40 seconds [typically reported]
24-44 seconds [variously reported]

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2 thoughts on “Pinaka”

  1. Good to see some really hard metal from DRDO. India must expand its defense expenditure on R&D like USA, Britain. India should also concentrate in making ICBM’s since its already been too late and our neighbours are gearing up with massive military expansion.

  2. its a fanatastic achievement of D.R.D.O. it will increase potential of our defence.i hope that we would be able to launch a multibarrel misciles to strike up to thousand kilometers with in less cost.

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