The revolution never ends!!!

61 years to freedom…61 years of development.We had moved ahead,leaving behind all over problems.But we must still consider the problems that we must take care of.Its our country.India has developed a lot in past few years,major of the development is in field of economy.But we still have to tackle some of the problems which we are ignoring for several past years.

  1. Poverty in india.-Still 27.5% of the population was living below the poverty line in 2004–2005.The current %age may be around 22% or more.But its still a huge population when we calculate 22 % of 1,129,866,154 (estimated population)it comes out to be 248 570 554.Its not solely govenments duty to eradicate poverty.Its over duty.Donate.Teach.Love and Help.That’s what is needed to eradicate poverty.
  2. Jai Jawaan Jai Kisan-Yes its Time.Its time to return to the basics.Jai jawan jai kisan.Recently due to a boom in real estate many farmers have sold their farms to real estate developers and left farming.Thats due to negative policy developed by government and helped in increasing inflation.The net sown area in 1971-72 was 46% of total land which dropped considerably to 44%.India has to review its policy for that.Moreover india needs to strengthen their defense considerably.
  3. Tackle Terrorism the hard way.-Its time.We expected lot being quite,being rigid.It has reached its peak and now its time we should tackle it.We all know prevention is better than cure.And we have to stop killings of people not by teaching them to stop opening of unattended boxes,but opening heads of terrorist that do that.We have power but i feel that our leaders dont have.Its is time to do this and we must do this.
  4. Strong Foreign Policy-India has to be strong in her foreign policy.We got every thing and need not to bow our heads against others be it anything.We are blessed by GODS.We have number 1 human resource, we have great minds and we must have self respect.Let us allow others to us.
  5. Strong Law-We need to make our law a bit stronger,faster and impartial.We can learn from USA which uses Jury,who are common citizens with no judicial background.We must not allow persons with criminal background to participate in elections.We must have a deadline for a case.That will help a lot in developing our country

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