A few days ago i was in delhi i had a chance to watch the movie called “White Noise -2”.It was based on an interesting concept called near death experience or NDE.I have heard about lot of NDE.Mostly on Discovery¬† Channel and one incident with a person i closely know.

In case of NDE , it is said that the brain stops working,. each and every person who has experienced NDE has seen a white light and he moving towards that immense white light. The following experience are most common.

  1. A very unpleasant sound/noise is the first sensory impression to be noticed.
  2. A sense of being dead.
  3. Pleasant emotions; calmness and serenity;
  4. An out-of-body experience; a sensation of floating above one’s own body and seeing the surrounding area;
  5. Floating up a blue tunnel with a strong, bright light or garden at the end;
  6. Meeting deceased relatives or spiritual figures;
  7. Encountering a being of light.
  8. Being given a life review;
  9. Reaching a border or boundary;
  10. A feeling of being returned to the body, often accompanied by a reluctance.
  11. Feeling of warmth even though naked.

Now let us understand the following situation in Indian way.In india we all belief that this body is just like clothes which the atma or the soul changes after some time.

  • Now, the first case is clear sense of somebody calling…that unpleaseant noise may be of “Yamdoots“,.because like someone wakes up when we are long sleep we find the voice unpleaseant if dont want to wake.
  • The sense of being dead can be compared to that of waking up from a long sleep.
  • The third experience is of freedom from this materialistic world.
  • Fourth point tells that our real identity is that of atma..not of the body.
  • All the next experience consolidates the Hindu theory of life and their understanding of life and after things.

At most 15% of this world has an NDE and it changes them altogether in psychological manner…..so either you chnage now or wait for NDE to happen….

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