Monthly Archive: December 2008

Indus Valley Civilization 0

Indus Valley Civilization

Indus valley Civilization which flourished in north-western part of indian subcontinent, across the banks of river Indus and thus is known as the indus valley civilization. Some of the key characteristics of Indus valley...

My Rating for Operating Systems 0

My Rating for Operating Systems

Well i have my hands on many of the operating systems basically either of Windows family and Linux family. So i will quickly review my experiences regarding them. Windows 98 – It was the...

Messed up with your MBR!! 0

Messed up with your MBR!!

This quick post will definitely help you if you have messed up with ypur MBR i.e. Master Boot Record.First of let me tell you what MBR is. MBR or Master Boot record keeps the...