Spring is a new framework for application development in JAVA. It was mainly developed with the intent that a developer should “develop” while the
application structure is taken care by the framework.
It also allows you to develop and implement partial/full JAVA EE applications by making full use of JAVA SE environment.
The most important aspect (which I like the most) is that it makes use of POJOs(aka Plain Old Java Objects)for building the application.

1. Eclipse IDE options
In Eclipse IDE, click “Help –> Install New Software…” to access the plugin installation dialog box.

2. Spring IDE update site
Type “http://springide.org/updatesite” to access the Spring IDE plugins update via internet.

3. Select the plugins.

4. Restart the Eclipse.

P.S : This tutorial doesn’t contains any screenshots as the “method” of selecting and downloading the spring features is different for Galileo, Ganymede and Helios.

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