Ramayana, is one of the oldest Epic. I find peace studying it, the peace that I can not explain, I guess it has connections with my upbringing, but its always been my source of inspiration.  The essence of Ramayana is not only in Lord Rama killing Ravana, its a lot more. Its about Love, truth, hardships, devotion, struggle, values, courage, patience and lot more. Its more than just a story. Its an institution, that teaches as every aspect of life.

The essence of Ramayana, lies in understanding what it tries to teach us, implementing it in our day to day life. That’s why it is followed religiously. Whatever your situation  might be you will found an example from the Ramayana.

Every person plays several roles in his/her life, be as a kid, parent , student, teacher and etc. Ramayana , discusses the importance of each role, Be it that of a King, A father, a son or whatever role you found yourself in, you will find an answer from the great epic. Some day later I will discuss each role and how it has influenced me and my life. What i have learned from the great Epic.



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