Why being imperfect rocks…

Imperfection is beautiful. Perfect never exist.

Everything is imperfect. Everything has some shortcomings.Even the almighty has some shortcomings, and this has been referenced many times in our scriptures.

Everything that has ever happened is God.
Everything that will never happen is God.
Everything has already happened,
but is also always happening.
It never ends and it never started.
Order and Chaos are the same thing.
Beauty and Ugliness are the same thing.
There is no mine and yours, no us and them.
Right and wrong are an invention of the mind.
Everything is always perfect.
You are perfect.
The beauty
is in the flaw.

The past, present and future, everything is part of God.Perfect is an imperfect form.Perfection is bound by metrics and metrics are imperfect on their own. Perfect never existed, and if does its in form of imperfection. It depends on your views., the glass is either half empty or half filled. Perfection / Imperfection is just an excuse of mind, to address whatever it cant explain.

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