Head Start Your Website with the Launcheffect theme

A Launch theme is used when you want to create a Viral marketing before you have actually launched a website or a product. Its a good way to create customer anticipation and have a good following. Its the ” COMING SOON” marketing that keeps the customer excited.

Laucnh Effect theme  is a one of the (free) theme available to create a Launching Page website. The major features are

WordPress Launch Effect theme


Setting up Launch Effect only takes 5 minutes and requires no web design or development knowledge. Simply follow our instructions to install and have fun using the sleek user interface to customize the look of your launch page.


The Launch Effect comes with an easy-to-understand built-in stats page accessible only by you. The stats track who spread the word about your site, and who signed up as a result.


Upon signing up, your Launch Effect page automatically generates a unique URL for your fans to share with their friends. This is where your marketing genius comes in: think of how many ways you can use the URL to incentivize your fans to spread the word about your product!


The Launch Effect comes fully-equipped with a robust Theme Options panel that allows you to customize your Launch Page to suit your business—add your own cinematic background, customize colors, upload your logo, and even display a video all from our sleek user interface.

So what you are waiting for. Get the Launch Effect theme now and when your website is up and running and you are getting more serious about it, perhaps look into trCREATIVE to brand your product or name, and get some marketing people to help you. These two will set you up on your web adventure.

[button link=”http://launcheffectapp.com/download” color=”#1e3466″ size=”4″ style=”3″ dark=”0″ radius=”auto” target=”self”]Download Theme[/button]

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