I am here at rajiv chowk metro station, CCD, waiting for someone.. Pretty boring.. ah. X( lets have some fun .. 😛 . Looking around here .. I have a couple just next to me.. Exchanging gifts .. :-D, 3 chatterbox girls ( wait isnt it a paradox , is there any girl who is not a chatterbox ) .. ”  Maine cream or sunscreen lagayi hai.. Friday ko wo aa raha hai..’ and all kinds of means to gain attention.. On my far right we have a man, sitting in center, reading his book, but his attention seems to be in rest of the crowd.. An afro women, who seems to be in her early 30 probably thinking about something, wait, lets guess she has a booklet in her hand, her attention seems to be devoted to her cold coffee.. Probably thinking about something related to her life.. Wait did someone just said “haridwar” 😛 and here I am in the corner writing this post getting bored z:-S

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