Its a normal culture among the bloggers to have multiple blogs/websites these days.Managing these websites can be a very hectic tasks. Thanks to some innovative options in the market , now you can manage multiple websites from one place.

I already introduced the Infinite WordPress theme which is one of the option available to manage multiple websites. Another option available is to use ManageWP.

ManageWP is a WebApp that lets you manage multiple WordPress websites.With ManageWP, logging into each of your WordPress sites individually is a thing of the past. Using this application you can login into multiple websites in one click.

I thought to give it a try. So I created a Free Account.

The features listed on the website make the application stand out.The complete set of Featurescan be listed here.

The first thing you need to do is to download the ManageWP Worker Plugin and activate at your website.

Now go to the ManageWp website and create your free account.The user dashboard is an extension of the default WordPress dashboard. The Home page looks sleek with basic options that lets you create an user account and go through the documentation or video tutorial.



The trial mode lets you add 5 websites, which is quite awesome for small scale bloggers.

Add a Website


After you add your website. You will see the following list of options.



On the side bar you will have following options.



I have installed this plugin and using it to manage few of my websites, Hope it is helpful to you too.

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