As you would expect, free themes are dominant in the top 20, but premium themes do have a considerable presence. In fact, the cumulative total of sites using all three versions of Thesis listed in the top 20 makes it the most popular theme overall.

  1. Twenty Ten
  2. Twenty Eleven
  3. Thesis 1.8
  4. OptimizePress
  5. Thesis 1.8.2
  6. Default
  7. Mystique
  8. Arras
  9. Atahualpa
  10. Suffusion
  11. iNove
  12. Thesis 1.8.4
  13. Graphene
  14. Article Directory
  15. Lifestyle
  16. Canvas
  17. News
  18. Magazine Basic
  19. Arthemia
  20. Headway 2013

There are some very surprising exclusions from this top 20 list, such as Responsive, PageLines, and Delicate. Given that they are amongst the most downloaded on the themes directory, I find it puzzling that they do not feature.

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