An Unknown Connection

An average human life is full of  many instances those are out of scope of explanation of human brain and reasoning. We all know that, the character and personality of a person is defined on the basis of past experiences, the environment of his upbringing and his perception of this world. The personality also includes various likes and dislikes of a human. But sometimes ,certain instances defy this explanation.

I was born to a middle class family. Being second kid, in my family I had several benefits. Enjoying lot of toys of my elder sister was one of it.

But, as with everyone else, I was different. I have a vague memory of my childhood.  But I clearly remember one thing. In fact, when I talk about it with my parents, I always tend to get a smile.

I don’t know , how it happened but when I was around 2-2.5 years old, I had this habit ,I used to sleep only if I had heard to a Bollywood song – “Daak Baabu aaya , Daak Babu aaya.. gali gali khat baate mera khat na laaya”. It happened when my parents bought a cassette of movie songs (I believe it was a collection) and when this song used to play , I tend to fall asleep. I used to cry if any other song was playing and I used to stop crying when this song used to play. I could barely sleep or walk at that time  , I don’t know what was the connection of this song, but I still remember few lines of the song.

Upon a bit of search , I found out that the movie was released in year 1990. I was almost 2.5 years of age at that time and I continued to listen to that song, till I was 7-8 years old.I used to fell asleep, listening to that song. Even my parents bought a special tape for me . A cassette that had only song, repeated till end and that used to play when I was in the room.



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