Corporate chaos

Life would be pretty easy if we could communicate efficiently.

I once read that communication is 50% information and 50% perception. If only the percentage of communication would be greater, life would have been a lot more easier.
Well I am amazed that how communication is so much dependent on the perception. And it gets even complex in corporate scenario. I believe thats why expressing yourself is an art which is based on selection of words, wearing a mask of facial expressions and camouflage of the body language.
Like always, I learned this the hard way. Its a global phenomenon, most living beings tend to adapt only after they experience it. None of them adapts on basis of learnings from experiences of the others.

Its not what I said.“. I keep telling them.

Anyways.. I should not smile when others are angry, but I do not know why I tend to smile more when someone is angry over me.

Cruel me.

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