OK, I upgraded my Ubuntu yesterday. Everything went smooth, but in the end my cab arrived. It led to disaster as when I reached my office, my Laptop would not boot. It just showed a screen of Grub with the command line.

So, I google’d  it and found a nice solution here.

The problem was I needed a live CD for that, so I downloaded Ubuntu 12.04, made a Live USB with the help of LiLi Live USB creator.

I booted the system, but the problem did not ended there. The problem was that my Hard drive was encrypted and I needed some way to mount that before I could re-install grub all over once again.

So, I followed these steps to mount my Encrypted Disk.

1.Install LVM2

sudo apt-get install lvm2
  1. Mount your hard drive using cryptsetup
sudo cryptsetup  luksOpen /dev/sda2  backup
  1. Your Hard drive will be mounted.

🙂 Enjoy.

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