Why doesn’t one get confirmed tickets in Indian trains easily?

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I agree to the most of the points stated above. But I strongly feel that there is a bad planning from the government part as well , if we consider the infrastructure of our country. Railways are preferred medium for long distance travels as they are quite economical and have a very good connectivity. The main points that i believe are :

  • Bad condition of roads :
    Most  highways in India are narrow and congested with poor surface quality,  and 40 percent of India‚Äôs villages do not have access to all-weather  roads.Lane capacity is low – most  national highways are two lanes or less. A quarter of all India's  highways are congested. Many roads are of poor quality and  road  maintenance remains under-funded – only around one-third of maintenance  needs are met. This leads to the deterioration of roads and high  transport costs for users. I live just 200 KM from delhi, still i do not want to take the roads as it takes a lot of time to travel and the journey literally is pain in a**.
  • Pressure on Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities: Urbanization has created a lot of pressure on Indian cities and that is the main problem of the congestion in the railways.Less jobs available in villages and small cities have led to a lot of human flow to the metros and tier-2 cities, this creates a lot of pressure on the transport medium , the most economical being the railways.At peak times like during festivals and vacations, people rush from cities to their home thus leading to the problem
  • Slow Development : The last but the not the least the Indian infrastructure is not developing at the pace that could support the current population and urbanization,

I believe a better planning, including creating better jobs and career opportunity at the rural areas will help curb the population flow and will reduce the pressure on cities. Improving the road transport,(roads like yamuna expressway) will reduce pressure on trains.

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