He has a characteristics of a good leader. His critics will also agree to it. Living a frugal life style, A good manager and executioner who drives the tasks to finish.A workaholic and an introvert. Definitely a candidate for the post of Prime Minister. He shares some of the characteristics of Shri Atal Behari Vajapayee, though the later was a better orator, a poet who touched heart with his words.

Past few years have seen a great rise in the online influence of Brand Modi.

Let’s  look at some statistics

Curently Narendra Modi has a Starscore of 12,843,440 and is No.457 today on the Global Chart. (Source – starscore.com) with a total of 1,140,126 Twitter followers, 1,552,782 Facebook fans and 4,454,688 YouTube views. Today Narendra Modi gained 3,124 Twitter followers, gained 5,111 Facebook fans and gained 8,996 YouTube views. His social media ranking has moved down 2 places in the daily at the India Chart to no.15 and remains at no.24 in the all time India Chart. He is the 12th most followed politician in the world as per the report by starscore.

Let us look at the current statistics, a comparison between ratio of searches over Google, between Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. All of them stays at a pretty close position.Though, only Modi uses the social media properly to interact with the followers.

The credit goes to the increase of the number of internet users and planning of Narendra Modi, who spends a considerable time to manage his online identity. It is important, to connect with people, and one of them being the social media. He has utilized social media to its full potential , which I believe should be a lesson to his counterparts.

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