The Innocent love

Love is a very powerful force. It has a power to create life but sometimes it may be silent and dark as death too. It’s definitely not a child’s play. The story, An Innocent Love, is a flashback of the narrator’s phase of life when he decides to challenge love. The story flows through the emotions of the narrator’s ups and downs when he experiences love for the first time. Still learning to walk in his teenage shoes, and with a childish viewpoint towards life, he innocently takes a vow to have a girlfriend till the end of the school session. This decision leads to a drastic influence on his life. Left with alien emotions of anguish, fear, rage and disgust, he finds himself in a state of sadness and negativity. His simple life, suddenly turns complex.

I still remember the day, I challenged myself, or I shall say I decided that whatever happens, I will have a girlfriend, till end of this session.” I am in 11th now. I am old enough, when Dhruv, can have a girlfriend, why can’t I.”
It was a day before the start of the new session. I was moving to 11th. I had power to decide what I would become in life. A scientist, or probably an engineer, though I was not sure what engineers did, but I wanted to be one. The earth had revolved 16 times around the sun since I have been in this human form. Most of time was wasted spilling salty water either from my eyes, or on the bed, during my sleep. The rest of the time was spent playing cricket, video games or watching TV, with one of my closest friend, Dhruv. We were close friends from class 5th. Famous buddies, everyone knew we were best friends.

Our friendship took a new form when we moved to the 10th class. I was still exploring my adolescence. We used to go for evening tuition classes on his bike. We roamed the whole city, bunked classes, went to movies, parties and even travelled to other cities also. We were both good at cricket, he was a good fast bowler and I was a good spinner. We both started basketball together and played in each tournament, in which our school participated. We complimented each other, he was an extrovert and I was an introvert. But at the end of the session he had one thing that I did not. He had a girlfriend. Komal.I always knew there was something fishy. I used to see them talking to each other, hours. I had to stand nearby as I accompanied Dhruv on his bike and I have nowhere else to go. “Why don’t they get bored? It’s boring.”  So I used to sneak in with odd one-liners. “Was it funny? “, I used to ask myself, “Why are they laughing so much?” as it always amazed me, why they used to laugh whenever I spoke of something, though it was deliberately silly. I was sure it was not my jokes on which they laughed, It was me.

Now I had cleared my boards, I was in 11th. I was a senior at school, good at basketball, good at cricket and good at academics. I had everything that a student wishes of, except a girlfriend. I was desperate. So I took a vow,”I will have a girlfriend this year.”

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