Why Rajiv Chowk is so called?

Most of us know about the famous Rajiv Chowk intersection at delhi that has become one of the most busy metro station. With the two most busy lines interesecting at the same station, it is one of the busiest station of the Delhi Metro.

The name of the chowk , “Rajiv Chowk” is after a student named Rajiv Goswami. Rajiv was a commerce student at the Deshbandhu College, Delhi University who came into prominence when he attempted self-immolation to protest against Prime Minister V.P. Singh‘s implementation of the Mandal Commission recommendations for job reservations for backward castes in India. Goswami spearheaded a formidable movement against the Mandal Commission and his act of self-immolation led to larger protests and a series of self-immolations by college students throughout India. During Mandal commission agitation, the AIIMS intersection in Delhi was temporarily renamed by students to Rajiv Chowk in a celebration of his selfless act.

Check out the image – http://www.tribuneindia.com/2000/20000101/windows/pages/30.htm

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