The Jeopardy in India

India is in jeopardy. The Indian government is struggling in all the fronts and is unable to handle the issues which is reflected by daily news.Be it political or economical grounds, it seems like Indian government is in deep hibernation and is afraid to take any steps till the next …

Challenge : Loose weight

Well, its time, I have been ignoring it for past a year or so but with my current lifestyle, I have been gaining weight exponentially. In past a year or so I have gained 13 Kg’s overall. It’s time , I should change my lifestyle , leaving behind the ignorance and excuses of a busy schedule. From, tomorrow onwards, till the time, I am in kuwait i.e. Sept. 30, I will try to follow an improved lifestyle, with my primary aim to loose some belly fat and weight and get into shape.

This weblog will serve as my daily entry over workout schedule and calorie intakes.

After some research, I have found out that my body needs only 2140 calories per day. I have to limit my calorie intake to about 2150 calories per day. Here is how my eating schedule would look like.

Searching on Google makes it easier.

  • 2 Serving of Rice – 412 Calories
  • 3 Roti / Day – 360 Calories
  • 2 Paratha / Day – 520 Calories
  • 2 Breads / Day – 134 Calories
  • Dal – 240 Calories

The total sum of the calories make it around 1666 Calories. I will try to stick to this food schedule considering a margin of (500 Calories) and my sedentary work schedule.