India is in jeopardy. The Indian government is struggling in all the fronts and is unable to handle the issues which is reflected by daily news.Be it political or economical grounds, it seems like Indian government is in deep hibernation and is afraid to take any steps till the next elections. As of now, I believe the only major concern with Indian gorvernment is to get the food security bill passed.

Political Troubles

Politically speaking, It seems like India is burning from north to south. Be it recent communal riots in Kishtwar ( this seem to be a communal riot, which is responsibility of the State government, but If I am right, this is funded from cross-border and thus becomes a problem of the central government), In the south, the creation of seperate state of telengana is still not over but has served as motivation for the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) for their demand of a seperate state in the east.

Foreign relations

The killing of Indian soldiers is also a blow in face of Indian government which is not able to define it’s stance in the diplomatic relations with the Pakistan.Pakistan is again making fun of Indian diplomacy by violating the cease fire again and again.

Rain and Floods

In the north, the state of Uttarkhand is still getting over from the floods as the count of dead bodies are still increasing day by day. Few more bodies were found recently. The tourism industry is almost finished for the state and it might take some 2 years for the state to revamp its infrastructure. While, Himachal pradesh is still recieving some torrential rains.
Kerela is also affected by the rains.


On the economic front, the ruppee is still taking good dive and is planning to hit 62 as compared to dollar, if the current trend follows. Number of jobs has decreased in India and inflation is still on rise.

What is Government doing?

These are some of the points that I am following, but I do not see any response by the government except “showing their concern”. For economic concerns, replacing the governer will not be suffice. There are  no long term or short term goals that can help improve the Indian economy. No diplomatic stance has been taken by government to counter the recent actions at the border and absolutely nothing has been done to rebuild the state of uttarakhand (except throwing up the money to the babus).The question remains the same, what is the Indian Government doing to move India out of this jeopardy?


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