Learning Photography in 20 Hours

I am writing this series as I am going to learn photography step by step. After watching this video on Youtube which states , that you can learn anything in 20 hours of practice.

you can learn anything if you practice it for 20 hours

I am going to blog about my walk through as I try to learn photography. Please note that the number of hours counted will be based on the time I spend practicing the skills and not on learning about the stuff, the basics and other essentials that are required to click some nice pics.

Though I will follow the same policy as suggested by Josh Kaufman in his video i.e.

  • Deconstruct the skill
  • Learn enough to self correct
  • Remove practice barriers.

So, In order to do this, as per my calculation , I have to study about photography – the basics and tricks daily and then practice the same for some time.

I have made this schedule , I will read about photography 30 minutes per day and practice it for 30 minutes per day. 30 minutes * 40 days makes 20 hours. It seems a long journey but no worries, will keep you posted.

In the mean time enjoy the video.


1 hour per day for 40 days.. Awesome 🙂

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