For 24 years he has entertained us. For 24 years he has been a source of inspiration and motivation , and it all ends today. It’s just like that moment of your life when you want everything to pause in time and all those moments that have ever made you happy, sad, emotional comes across your mind . All those moments that have been special because of the person who is ,theoretically , just a sportsperson but a God for me and for millions of his fans.

I am sure I am not the only one with tears. He was definitely more than a great cricketer , a person who teaches you a lot : calm, composed, determined and focused.A man far away from any controversies and  A man who always delivered in pressure, fulfilling near to impossible task of delivering expectations of millions of Indians.
It was because of him that I started watching cricket. I still remember his astonishing performance in this series in Sharjah.The way he smashed deliveries of Australian pace attack and the great spinner Shane Warne and led Indian team to victory.


The reason I started watching Cricket

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I will miss him. Thank you Sachin.



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