BJP MANIfesto explained

BJP manifesto : A dream of next generation India

The BJP manifesto is one of the most intelligently written document showcasing the vision of Modi Government, and If in case Narendra Modi comes into power and work starts on the following points, India will be heading towards becoming a self sustained economically and socially strong nation. Keep in the mind these projects can never be completed in 5 years. In the last NDA rule led by A.B. Vajpayee, also a lot of projects were started like – “National highway project, Pradhan Mantri Gram Sarak Yojna, education  foreign policy and economic reforms” which are still in progress.

  1. Diamond Quadrilateral project – Infrastructure , India desperately needs a good Infrastructure. This can be done by PPP. This is the first time I have seen a focus point regarding the Indian railways in a Manifesto.Indian railways is one of the biggest asset of Indian social and economic infrastructure and has a great scope of improvement.  BJP could possibly use Japanese advise to construct said bullet trains.
  2. Water strategy: Desalination, underground recharge and river linking to reduce water wars in a parched land.This is quite ambitious project, it will help reduce the uneven distribution of water but might raise eyebrows of environmentalist.
  3. ‘Swachh Bharat’: The manifesto promises a dramatic improvement in sanitation and hygiene by Mahatma’s 150 birthday (5 years from now).
  4. Cleaning up of rivers — starting from Ganga. I desperately want this, personally. If we can not respect our heritage, development is of no use for us.The manifesto promises a massive cleanup of Indian waterways. That could be substantial for our ecology, health and tourism.
  5. Defense Production – Yes , this is what our ARMY lacks behind, we have successfully sent a rover to MARS but we are failing to build quality weapons for the defense. INSAS and Tejas are good projects but still lot of work and research  needs to be done in this field. These weapons can also be sold to other countries like BRAHMOS and would help in generating forex.
  6. Invest in Thorium Technology: India’s greatest energy source lies in its Thorium. We have abudance of this nuclear material that could change the nature of Indian energy if managed well. It is a lot cleaner than Uranium. Clean and green power.
  7. Education Reforms – This will raise the standard of education and research, so that Indian universities become at par with the top global universities and find their place in the global league. Attracting educational tourism and encouraging higher studies.
  8. Building 100 new cities – This is quite important , however if only 10% is achieved in next 5 years it will be very fruitful.
  9. Justice – Double the number of courts and judges in the sub-ordinate judiciary. It also wants to extend fast-track courts to all layers of the judiciary. Justice delayed is justice denied.
  10. Police – Networking of police stations and strengthening of investigations, making them swift, transparent and decisive




This is the word cloud of the BJP Manifesto. (Frequent words have larger font)
BJP 2014 Manifesto word cloud
Read the manifesto on your own and decide whether you should vote for BJP or not.

Click here to Read the BJP Manifesto



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