The riddle of Life

Life’s a riddle,which I never can solve,

neither I know from where I evolve,

nor I know where i will dissolve.

I don’t know who am I?
I am here I don’t know why?
everybody else is just a  moment of my life,
they just come and then they say goodbye,

my present is also a moments long,
just like a pendulum gong,
tied with love strings,
to and fro it continuously swings,
between my future and past.
some time smiles and,
some time tears it brings

without any rest..
it moves without trying to cease,
when I will find that peace?

I can’t cut those strings,
I fear bearing that pain,
yet I will always complain,
when I will find that peace?

some people bring joy to my heart,
who are they, I still don’t know,
a feeling, a name or just an echo.,
seeds of love and hope, they sow.,
with moments which then grows.,
life looks like flying high.,
and then they suddenly say goodbye,
and like that tree my life is now dry,
all I can do now, is just cry.

like this swings my life’s pendulum bob,
I don’t know when it will cease.,
I don’t know when I will find peace??

tired of swinging I am now.
how will I find peace I don’t know,
how will I find that peace I don’t know..

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