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Welcome to my blog, this is my personal space , where I share my views, my life’s moments and  my learnings.So you might be curious to know more about me , eh? Who I am ? The question is still unanswered, Probably it would take a lifetime for me to answer this.

I am still exploring myself.

and till now , I know this much about myself , that I was born and brought up in a small old age hermitage at The Gateways of the Gods (City of Haridwar, a small religious place in North India ).When I was a kid , my parents found me very cute so they named me Mohit (literally means “attraction” ) .My friends included one of the most experienced fellows of our society , the old, who were disowned by their own kids (mostly living overseas). So , my best pals, my old friends used to tell me fables, religious stories and verses and used to test my wit by putting me in various situations of life. Thanks to them , I am a religious and philosophical person.

I was am a naughty kid, who joined with curious instincts , makes me a deadly person. I almost got myself killed thrice (once drowned myself, once burned myself and once broke my limbs ), but those instance made me a fun loving person , I love to enjoy the moment, every second counts, make the most of it. My restless soul, won’t sit idle, so I try many things, as a result, I have become a jack of all trades. Basketball, blogging , writing, reading , playing flute , dancing, reading, sleeping and dreaming are my hobbies. My interest includes Hinduism, Mythology, Society and Governance, Technology (mostly open source).

I like to know more about people and their story , their life and their views, like to expand my viewpoint to the journey called life. You can follow my blog or stay in touch.



4 thoughts on “About me”

  1. do you know a guy from Kuwait named Omar al-Saheed? He’d be around 24 years old now. Just curious. Also, how did you burn yourself and break your limbs? How did you almost drown?.

  2. Hello, I’m a blogger who occationally downloaded your wordpress theme ‘love type’, long ago. And shortly after that, I remember I began to love it. I should say it was very well made and consisted with my need. I remenber I backed it up soon after I had downloaded it. I very well admire your designing philosophy for this. Now I’ve found it in my folders somewhere again and re enabled it.
    Yes, it’s really good, very very good.
    Just leave a comment here. As payment is not available.

    1. @Leron thanks a lot for your compliments. I have been busy with my day job , hence was not able to update the theme. This comment will help me resume the work on it and hopefully I might be able to update it again.

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