An Awesome guide for LTE

LTE or Long Term Evolution (commonly termed as 4G) is the future of telecommunications and is taking wold by storm. With more than 50 confirmed LTE networks available worldwide (see this active list to know more), LTE will soon be the  most widely available mobile broadband technology. It is worth to know more about LTE. I have divided the current section with level of technical expertise required to understand them. I have created a few articles just for readers who are not from a technical background.


The Basics

  • LTE Introduction
  • Understanding LTE  – The tit-bits of LTE.
  • Why LTE? – What makes it so special.
  • Who develops the technology? – Every successful technology has an institution behind it.
  • What’s in there for me? – Is it really worth?

The Technical – Features per Release

  • 3GPP release version 8
  • 3GPP release version 9
  • 3GPP release version 10
  • 3GPP release version 11
  • 3GPP release version 12

The Technical – Learn more about LTE

The Air Interface Concepts

Additional Topics



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