Author: Mohit Kumar


What is Multihoming? In the IP terminology, a host is called multi-homed if it can be addressed by multiple IP addresses. Multihoming is used only for recovering from network failures  and is not used,...

SCTP : Introduction

SCTP : Introduction

What is SCTP? SCTP – Stream control transport protocol is a transport layer protocol just like TCP and UDP. The protocol was defined by the IETF Signaling Transport (SIGTRAN) working group in 2000,and is...

Kuwait Air Show 2015 1

Kuwait Air Show 2015

I had time to visit the Kuwait Air show 2015 with my colleagues here. Here are some pics from the event.   The fascinating stunts by one of the Jet was worth giving goosebumps.

The Path of Aloneness 1

The Path of Aloneness

Accept everything just the way it is. Do not seek pleasure for its own sake. Do not, under any circumstances, depend on a partial feeling. Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world....