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The bond of love between a brother and sister is well etched in the true historical story of Alexander and Puru (Poros/ Porus). There are several mythical and Pauranic stories on Raksha Bandhan. But the story of Alexander’s wife and King Puru has been recorded as a true story in the pages of history. King Puru is a personification of a true brother who would do anything to protect his sister and save her honor.

According to the story, Alexander, the king of Greece invaded India in 326 B.C. He married an Indian lady, Roxana (Roshanak) to cement his relations with the new Central Asian regions. On the way to Takshshila, Alexander had a fierce battle with Ashwakas but managed to defeat them.
On reaching Takshshila, he entered into an alliance with King Ambhi. The neighboring King Puru was Ambhi’s enemy. Ambhi had planned to destroy Puru using Alexander. Several other rulers also pitched in to help Alexander.

Roxana was aware of King Puru’s fierce wrath and approached him. She tied a Rakhi to him, and Puru accepted her as his own sister and welcomed her with warmth. During war between Puru and Alexander. There was a moment when Alexander fell from his beloved horse and Puru was almost about to kill him. But he remembered the oath made to his sister, through the bond of Rakhi tied on his wrist. Therefore he refrained from slaying him and ultimately lost the battle.

This story is a living example of the sacrifices made by a brother to protect his sister. Roxana was not related to Puru by blood. Yet the thread of Rakhi was enough for him to protect his sister’s life and love – and by doing so, he lost everything. This is the intensity of the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Life, love or property, a brother sacrifices all for his sister.



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  1. Birbal

A quote from Birbal’s life.When Birbal died his last wish was that his ashes must be flown in Ganges at haridwar but his wish wasn’t granted by Birbal instead he dug a well near Ganges at Harki pauri and threw his ashes there.


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  1. Dude again please check your historical records, Roxane aka Roxana was of persian descent, not indian. Please donot mix facts with fiction. I dont know what they are teaching you there in history, its all jumbled up.

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