What is the nerdiest joke?

50 Shades of Grey 😛

Answer by Lakshman Prasad:

50 shades of Grey:

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How different is the corruption faced by the citizenry in China and India?

Answer by Paul Denlinger:

I have spent most of my working career in China, and don't have experience with India, so I will focus on China.

Chinese government is dominated by one political party, the Chinese Communist Party. Other parties exist, but their role is to only act as advisors to the CCP. Everything is under the party: the nation, the military, the financial system, the judiciary (there is no independent judiciary), the mass media and all local governments must serve the party. Middle and senior positions in all these organizations are open only to party members. There is no compromise about this issue and it is not open to discussion.

The role of the CCP is to serve the party leadership first, the 82M party members second, then everybody else third.

Because of this structure, the party has a very powerful hold on the lives of China's 1.3B citizens. It also makes the party's internal reform impossible.

Since there is no independent judiciary, Chinese government officials, who are party members, have no system of checks to reign in their own corruption. In order to avoid being caught for corruption by the party's own internal organs, junior officials bribe senior officials all the way up the ladder.

Also, since all financial institutions and land property are under the party's control, all economic growth is simply about transferring money from the party's one pocket to another. See my answer: Paul Denlinger's answer to Why does China have so many ghost towns?

When a senior party official is caught and prosecuted for corruption, it most likely means that he has fallen out of political favor, not that he was corrupt. (Because all senior officials are corrupt; it's just a difference in degree.) Because the judiciary is under the party, trials are usually very carefully managed and short, so as to save the party major embarrassment.

The biggest difference I see with India is that India is a multi-party democracy and has an independent judiciary and independent media. While there is major corruption, it isn't built into the system as it is in China.

Put another way, if there was a major effort to root out corruption in China, the Chinese Communist Party's  one party rule could no longer exist.

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Grief to Serenity

Man is fond of counting his troubles, but he does not count his joys.  If he counted them up as he ought to, he would see that every lot has enough happiness provided for it. – Fyodor Dostoevsky

Thats how serenity comes to life. Being content with whatever you get from life, instead of making it miserable by running behind what you don’t have.

I was trying hard to get over my break up. Life is not easy when you loose someone, with whom you spent your life’s best years. Not one , not two but three wonderful years. Moments of Joy , smiles and happiness. The random fights, the anger and then coming back with even stronger love. Its true, love is complex feeling. I knew we could not live together forever due to lot of considerations. We respected each other’s priorities and we knew that we can not fit in with each other.

We never wanted that, but when it actually came upon, it was hard for both of us. Especially for me. Being the sensible one among both of us , she supported me in the hard time of complaints, constant hurts and troubles that I gave her. Though, I knew the reality that we can not be together but it was very hard for me to get over it.But she stood by me.

It is more than 6 months, since her engagement, and finally , I am getting over it.

Though , I have been bad to her, complaining that it was her actions that lead to our seperation,  but it was just excuses for my ignorant heart, which won’t accept the reality.

Its probably the stages of grief , starting from denial of the reality. Thats what grief is all about. Shattering of dreams.A virtual nest of dreams inside which our heart with wings stays. It gets its wings under the sky of happiness and sun of joy and comes back to that warm and cozy virtual nest of dreams , ignoring the harsh character of nature, which will destroy the nest with the wind of reality leading to rain of tears.

That virtual nest, where our heart stays all the time, its not the truth. Our heart gets used to it so much that we are not able to accept the truth , the reality. The ‘denial’ leads us to pain and anger.Anger over ourselves, over our loved ones. The heart looks for culprits who has broke its weary dream.

Grief leads to lot of changes in us.

Be it any kind of grief, It always changes us, wether in form of an improvement or degradation in character.A human character is defined by the hardships faced, the attitude is determined on basis of handling of this grief.

I started taking things negatively, “Why should I care”.. “She is the culprit, why should I think of her.” I kept telling myself. But , thats when you need to hold yourself, Pause and think. Do not let your character be effected by entropy of events.

As per tulsidas,

Dheeraj, Dharm , Mitr or Naari ..Aaapat kal parakhiye chaari

Patience, Character, Friends and the soul mate is best tested at the time of Problems.

So hold to your character.Trust me, things will be better if you accept things. Life is all about moving along, accepting things.

If only we’d stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time. ~Edith Wharton

Don’t try to hard, to be happy and you will know that you are the happiest person on earth.

Yesterday, We met. I cherish being with her. What if we can not be together, we still can be good friends. I remember my words.

I will be always be there for you.. always

We talked, we laughed, had dinner together, remembered our good old times. Feels good. After all,

Ishq de mitra pehchan wahi,..mit jaye jado jid apnan di *(thats best in punjabi)

Corporate chaos

Life would be pretty easy if we could communicate efficiently.

I once read that communication is 50% information and 50% perception. If only the percentage of communication would be greater, life would have been a lot more easier.
Well I am amazed that how communication is so much dependent on the perception. And it gets even complex in corporate scenario. I believe thats why expressing yourself is an art which is based on selection of words, wearing a mask of facial expressions and camouflage of the body language.
Like always, I learned this the hard way. Its a global phenomenon, most living beings tend to adapt only after they experience it. None of them adapts on basis of learnings from experiences of the others.

Its not what I said.“. I keep telling them.

Anyways.. I should not smile when others are angry, but I do not know why I tend to smile more when someone is angry over me.

Cruel me.