Big Foot.??

Is it true?? Big foot or Yeti is claimed to be found

Two Georgia men claim to have found in the northern woods of that state something that has been often reported but never proven to exist: a Bigfoot.

They say they have a body, photos of the body, and DNA evidence — some or all of which will be revealed this Friday, Aug. 15, at a press conference in Palo Alto, Calif.

Is it really true.Big foot is also known as Yeti.It has also been sighted in India.

In early March, 1986, the author observed and photographed a large hominid-like animal which was believed to be the Yeti. This remarkable incident occurred by chance during a solo run in the Garhwal Himalaya of northern India, near western Nepal.

“It was difficult to restrain my excitement as I came to the realization that the only animal I could think of which remotely resembled this one before me was the Yeti. My skepticism about the creature’s existence was overturned by this all-too-real creature then in view. It was standing with its legs apart, apparently looking down the slope, with its right shoulder turned towards me. The head was large and squarish, and the whole body appeared to be covered with dark hair, although the upper arm was a slightly lighter color. The creature was amazingly good at remaining motionless, although the bush vibrated once or twice, and when I moved back down to lower ground, it appeared to have changed its head position and to be looking more directly at me.”

Getting Ready for next World War

Yes It is most possible.We all know about the famous predictions by Nostradamus.He predicted

During the appearance of,The Bearded Star,the three

greatest princes will be made
enemies. The shaky peace on
earth will be struck by fire
from the skies. Po, The
winding Tiber, a serpent placed
on the shore.” C2 Q4

MABUS will soon die,
Then will come a horrible
slaughter of people and animals
At once vengance revealed coming
from a hundred hands
“Thirst and Famine when
The Comet shall pass

Now let us understand what he said.”During the appearance of bearded stars” now let us the calculated event in 2012 that is (click here for details)

So either the appearance is of the comet or of solar eclipse.The possibility is of comet.Now next thing is “three princess will be made enemies and shaky peace on earth will be struck by fire.”The comment shaky peace on earth will be struck by fire defenitely points to a war.Shaky peace as we can see with current set of world events heading to American-Iran,Indian-Pakistan,Georgia-Russia etc.Now the point to note is that “three princess will be made enemies”.The question is who are these three princess.It may be Osama,Bush,Obama etc.

The three princess may be of countries like USA,China,Russia,UK,France,Iran,Italy etc.

Next he says -“Po, The
winding Tiber, a serpent placed
on the shore”

Po– is a river in italy which formes a delta.

Tiber – is again a river in Italy ,general meaning is Water.The meaning can be drowning of shores due to probably melting of the polar caps due to fire stated earlier meaning war and use of missiles etc..

The next thing is MABUS.It is quite simple to quote MABUS .Most of think it is Barack Obama,or OsaMa-Bush.The next lines describe the effect of possible destruction.Then Nostradamus says..

Then the second angel sounded;
and something like a great
mountain burning with fire was
thrown into the sea, and a third
of the sea became as blood;
and a third of the living creatures
in the sea died and a third of the
ships were destroyed.”

This means 1/3 of world was engaged in war and was in the destruction end.Now we all know that

The various denominations of Christianity account for about 1/3 of the world’s population.

It may be islam also as it is also 20%.””It may be accounting of Christian-Islamic war??””(may be).

If we closely see the prediction it is definitely pointing towards the be prepared..