and.. I met an aghori

A Aghori sadhu in a cave near badrinath
Creative Commons License Archit Ratan

I just wrote my experience on the website of Haridwarcity. Here is the excerpt.(BTW thats not the aghori I met)

Kid, I have left my world, I do not live for the sake of living , I am living for sake of dying. Death is the one which gives meaning to the life. As Lord Shiva, lives at the uninhabitable Kailasa parvat , though if he could wish live in the Golden Lanka,So do I. To me Shiva is everything, he is in this sands, the flowing water, in the sky , in the living and in the dead. He is in the good and he is in the bad. He is perfect. Good and bad lies in the logic of humans, not in any substance. Everything is Shiva and Shiva is in everything.He is in this water and in the blood as well, so if you can drink this water, why cannot you drink the blood. You will say, blood is unhygienic to drink, but you consider it because you think yourself as the body. If you consider yourself as the atma, and the part of Shiva, will it matter, if blood is hygienic or not? So is the case with the shava (Corpse). What difference does it make , once its dead ? It is just like any other eatable.

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