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The politics of Sepratist. 0

The politics of Sepratist.

Hmm… I mostly believed( and I still do) Kashmiris are INDIANS, but I think these people (the sepratist) dont want to  believe it. For what reasons..!! What is the benefit of seprating Kashmir from...

Worship wins over Violence 0

Worship wins over Violence

Quoting from a news item..read more here. “Undeterred by the violence and tension that have created deep divisions in Jammu and Kashmir, the two-month-long Hindu pilgrimage to the Amarnath cave shrine is drawing to...

Amarnath Land Issue 0

Amarnath Land Issue

Read this letter to The Honourable President of India- To:  Honourable President Of India “It is a matter of great shame for the nation which calls itself secular, that a land of about 800...