Reinstall / Recover GRUB from Ubuntu live CD / USB with Encrypted Hard Disk

OK, I upgraded my Ubuntu yesterday. Everything went smooth, but in the end my cab arrived. It led to disaster as when I reached my office, my Laptop would not boot. It just showed a screen of Grub with the command line.

So, I google’d¬† it and found a nice solution here.

The problem was I needed a live CD for that, so I downloaded Ubuntu 12.04, made a Live USB with the help of LiLi Live USB creator.

I booted the system, but the problem did not ended there. The problem was that my Hard drive was encrypted and I needed some way to mount that before I could re-install grub all over once again.

So, I followed these steps to mount my Encrypted Disk.

1.Install LVM2

sudo apt-get install lvm2
  1. Mount your hard drive using cryptsetup
sudo cryptsetup  luksOpen /dev/sda2  backup
  1. Your Hard drive will be mounted.

ūüôā Enjoy.

My Rating for Operating Systems

Well i have my hands on many of the operating systems basically either of Windows family and Linux family. So i will quickly review my experiences regarding them.

Windows 98 –

It was the first operating system i used..It is good for learning and playing with it. It is simple and user friendly. My rating are as follows

Security (2/10)           Appearance (4/10)    Utility(6/10)             Gaming(8/10)           User Friendly(8/10)

Windows XP

I will treat XP is best operating system till developed by Microsoft.Better than Vista. Yes it is. For its omproved appearance, utility and gaming abilities and moreover it is not so heavy that vista.However it has lot of security bugs and useless applications.

Security (4/10)           Appearance (7/10)    Utility(6/10)             Gaming(8/10)           User Friendly(6/10)

Windows Vista

The only thing Vista has improved is its security and appearance.

Security (8/10)           Appearance (7/10)    Utility(7/10)             Gaming(5/10)           User Friendly(4/10)

Ubuntu Linux

The best linux flavour i have experienced till now. It is mixture of simplicity and utility. However the basic problem with it is lack of gaming abilities.

Security (9/10)           Appearance (6/10)    Utility(8/10)             Gaming(2/10)           User Friendly(9/10)

Mandriva Linux

It is suitable for naive users as it is best implementation of linux and also contains a lots of packages.

Security (9/10)           Appearance (8/10)    Utility(9/10)             Gaming(4/10)           User Friendly(9/10)

CDMA USB Modem in Linux

USB Modem in linux.

if u r running a debian version of linux goto the terminal and type

gedit /etc/wvdial.conf

this will open gedit to edit the configuration file copy paste the following code and save it.You need root privelages for that.

Modem= /dev/ttyACM0
Baud= 115200
DialCommand= ATDT
FlowControl= Hardware(CRTSCTS)
[Dialer R]
Username= phone number
Password= phone number
Phone= #777
Stupid Mode= 1
Inherits= Modem0