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story- Ganpati 1

story- Ganpati

Ganapathi – Remover of Obstacles [Some Anecdotes] Compiled by P. R. Ramachander Ganapathi who is also referred to as Ganapathi, Ganesa (Chief of Shiva’s army), Vigneswara (Lord who removes obstacles), Gaja Mukha (Elephant faced...

Story – Garuda 1

Story – Garuda

Kasyapa the grandson of Lord Brahma married Adithi, Dithi, Dhanu, Kalika, Thamra, Krodhavasa, Manu and Anala, who were all the daughters of Daksha. Of them Thamra got five daughters viz Krounchi, Dasi syeni, Dhrutharashtri...

Story – Sage Agasthya 1

Story – Sage Agasthya

Birth of Agasthya Once up on a time Mithra (Sun) and Varuna (the God of rain) happened to fall in love with the celestial nymph Urvasi. On seeing the pretty dancer, their semen leaked...