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story- Ganpati 1

story- Ganpati

Ganapathi – Remover of Obstacles [Some Anecdotes] Compiled by P. R. Ramachander Ganapathi who is also referred to as Ganapathi, Ganesa (Chief of Shiva’s army), Vigneswara (Lord who removes obstacles), Gaja Mukha (Elephant faced...

Story – Sage Agasthya 1

Story – Sage Agasthya

Birth of Agasthya Once up on a time Mithra (Sun) and Varuna (the God of rain) happened to fall in love with the celestial nymph Urvasi. On seeing the pretty dancer, their semen leaked...

Burning Valley 0

Burning Valley

First read the abstract from a true story-  The Rubaiya episode. It is a short walk to the bus stop from the Lal Ded Memorial hospital in Srinagar. At 1525 hours on a cold...