Stuck in Maintenance Mode after failed plugin upgrade

Did you just clicked stop when you were upgrading your WordPress? or did you just close the tab?
Whatever the reason be if your WordPress is stuck at maintenance mode just follow these steps.

  1. Open FTP session or file manager from Cpanel/Plesk
  2. Delete .maintenance from the directory
  3. Refresh your website.



Omit the protocol from embedded resources

If you are linking to any external resource like external css or external image, do remember to omit the protocol from the resource.

The following code is bad

/* Not recommended */ .example { background: url(; } Rather you should omit the http or https from the URI
/* Recommended */
.example {
  background: url(//;

Omitting the protocol—which makes the URL relative—prevents mixed content issues and results in minor file size savings.


Understanding the OS Class file structure

A standard theme of OS Class consists of the following files.

Theme files have very explanatory names, but here’s a more detailed list of the file and what it does.

  • 404.php: This is the error page, some if something went wrong (we hope this doesn’t happen!)
  • alert-form.php: This is the alert form, shown on search page to subscribe to the search
  • contact.php: Contact page to send a message to the admin of the website
  • custom.php: This is a launcher for custom pages (of plugins), you could modify it but be sure of include the following line <?php osc_render_file(); ?>
  • footer.php: Footer, shown at the end of the page
  • functions.php: This file will be included, place here custom functions of your theme
  • head.php: Head part of the HTML
  • header.php: Shown at the begining of the page
  • This file is not required, but it’s available on modern theme. This include the search bar on top of the header
  • index.php: You already know this file! This file holds the information of the theme (name, version, description,…)
  • item.php: This is the page of the detailed item view
  • item-contact.php: Page to contact the seller of an item
  • item-edit.php: Form to edit the item
  • item-post.php: Form to publish the item
  • item-send-friend.php: Send a friend form
  • main.php: The homepage of your site
  • page.php: Launcher for custom pages, you could modify it but be sure of include the following line <?php echo osc_static_page_title(); ?> to show the title and <?php echo osc_static_page_text() ; ?> to show the description of the custom page
  • screenshot.png: This is an image file to show a preview of your theme. Not really necessary but useful if you want to share your theme
  • search.php: This is the search page, this only shows the search bar and filters. You could use two different views, as gallery or as a list
  • search_gallery.php: Gallery view of search items (only items, search filters are located on search.php)
  • search_list.php: List view of search items (only items, search filters are located on search.php)
  • user-alerts.php: Users’ panel to manage users’ alerts
  • user-change_email.php: Users’ panel to change email
  • user-change_password.php: Users’ panel to change password
  • user-dashboard.php: Users’ dashboard (the page they see when they log in)
  • user-forgot_password.php: Form when the user forgot it password
  • user-items.php: Users’ panel to manage users’ items
  • user-login: Page to log in (in modern theme, you could log-in directly from the header, but this file is required and useful if login failed)
  • user-profile: Page that shows the user profile (to edit it)
  • user-recover: Page to recover the password
  • user-register: Form to register
  • Other files: located in folders css,images,js,languages,… they’re not required, but useful as you made the theme

Read more at the Official OS Class docs


Create a Theme for OS Class

I am working on a project which requires me to develop a frontend for the  OSclass. As per their website

OSClass is a php script that allows you to quickly create and manage your own free classifieds site. Using this script, you can provide free advertising for items for sale, real estate, jobs, cars… Hundreds of free classified advertising sites are using OSClass.

I will be using Twitter Bootstrap to develop this theme.

I will be posting step by step tutorials for developing this theme. This post will serve as an index for the same.

OS class theme tutorial
OS class theme tutorial

So stay in touch.