10 Freelancing tips

Freelancing is best way for earning from home. Its about showing off your skills, its not only about earning money ,  but also about driving your passion. Doing thing that you like to do the most. Most of the freelancers are creative and are passionate about what they do, but they dont know how to sell themeselves. These tips are best to sell their work. I will be writing a step by step guide to have a successful freelancing career.

  1. Have a portfolio. – Make an online portfolio to showcase your work. To create a portfolion follow these steps
  2. Network out your way –  Networking is key to success. Use social networking websites effectively.
  3. Work for your passion – Always work for your passion , because if you like what you do, there is no stopping.
  4. Don’t leave your day job – Your day job, provides you financial security.
  5. Earn and Invest – If you earn from freelancing, give it back to the process.
  6. Open different accounts – keep your balance sheet separate , use different bank accounts.
  7. Don’t Over- load – Work less, but work good.
  8. Look for overseas projects – If you are in India, Off-shoring definitely helps
  9. Provide support – Maintain your customers, maintaining your customers is effective than making new customers
  10. Help the community – A freelancer always works for community, so share as much as you can.

Stay tuned for more resources to come.

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