5 Mystries,5 Conspiracies

5 Mystries -5 conspiracies against a country called INDIA.

1.The Partition of India.

Who was responsible for death of 1 million people?What was the cause of partition?Was its Jinnah’s and Nehru’s wish to be Prime Minister? Was it planned by britishers who believed in Divide and rule?

“At the lowest estimate, half a million people perished and twelve million became homeless”

2.Death of Bhagat Singh? Could Gandhi Save him? Was he,Sukhdev and Rajguru really Hanged?

On Singh’s execution, Gandhi said, “The government certainly had the right to hang these men. However, there are some rights which do credit to those who possess them only if they are enjoyed in name only.“Why did not Gandhi fasted to stop hanging of Bhagat Singh.

Secrets unfurled by an Intelligence Bureau Agent of British-India.
“Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, and Sukhdev were deliberately hanged in such a manner as to leave all three in a semi-conscious state, so that all three could later be taken outside the prison and shot dead by the Saunders family. The book says that this was a prison operation codenamed “Operation Trojan Horse.”

3.Death of Subhash Chandra Bose.

Why did govenment rejected th truth?
Did bose died?? if yes then where and if not where was he??
Officially, Bose died in a plane crash over Taiwan, while flying to Tokyo on 18 August 1945. However, his body was never recovered, and many theories have been put forward concerning his possible survival. One such claim is that Bose actually died in Siberia, while in Soviet captivity. Several committees have been set up by the Government of India to probe into this matter.

In May 1956, a four-man Indian team (known as the Shah Nawaz Committee) visited Japan to probe the circumstances of Bose’s alleged death. The Indian government did not then request assistance from the government of Taiwan in the matter, citing their lack of diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

However, the Inquiry Commission under Justice Mukherjee, which investigated the Bose disappearance mystery in the period 1999-2005, did approach the Taiwanese government and obtained information from the Taiwan Government that no plane carrying Bose had ever crashed in Taipei. The Mukherjee Commission also received a report originating from the US State Department, supporting the claim of the Taiwan Government that no such air crash took place during that time frame.

The Mukherjee Commission submitted its report to the Indian Government on November 8, 2005. The report was tabled in Parliament on May 17, 2006. The probe said in its report that Bose did not die in the plane crash and the ashes at Renkoji temple are not his. However, the Indian Government rejected the findings of the Commission.
4.Nathu Ram Godse.Why is his book still banned?

5. Death of INDIAN PM Lal Bahadur Shastri-
After the declaration of ceasefire, Shastri and Pakistani President Muhammad Ayub Khan attended a summit in Tashkent (former USSR, now in modern Uzbekistan), organised by Kosygin. On January 10, 1966, Shastri and Khan signed the Tashkent Declaration.The next day Shastri, died of a heart attack at 1:32 AM??

Wait for a lot more.

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