Gift this Rakshabandhan sister this safety wearable and make their festival memorable

On Rakshabandhan 2019 Rakshabandhan, the sisters are eagerly waiting for gifts received from their brother, so why not give them something that will make their day special instead of chocolate and money. There is often a dilemma about what gifts to give to sisters on Rakshabandhan. In such a situation, this time they can give safety wearable gifts. It is not only stylish to look at, it will also take care of them during any difficulty ..

OptiSafe My Hero: This device is small, but very useful. When out of the house, it can be used in any kind of difficult time. Through this, the distress signal can be sent to the group members. It can produce a loud sound like a siren during an emergency. It also has a live location tracker along with sending SOS messages. Additionally, audio and video recording can also be done. It has to connect to the OptiSafe mobile app.

Safelat-Indra: This is a smart device worn as a bracelet. It supports Bluetooth. It has two buttons, which can be used during the emergency. In this, a network can be created through the app, in which friends and family members can be connected. It is typical that in case of emergency, the recorded voice can be sent as a message. Also, family members can track through the bracelet. It has the facility to send alert to everyone with just one button.

Safer Smart Jewelery: It looks like jewelery, but it is also a smart device. It supports Bluetooth and comes with a 7-day battery backup. It can be fully charged in just 15 minutes. It has many useful features. When pressed twice during the emergency, the location information with the alert goes to the number of the family members whose numbers will be fed.

Athena: This is a small pendent-like device of black color. It can be kept in a purse or pinned with clothes. If desired, it can also be worn as a necklace. This device has a sunken button. If the user presses this button for three seconds, a loud alarm rings. Also, friends and family also get information about current location. Silent alert can also be sent when the button is pressed three times fast. 

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