India Of Antiquity (circa 1000)

When Indians talk about the India of the past, they like to call the “golden bird” or “sone ki chiriya”. But India is such a large and diverse country, that that description is quite limiting.

I think India of the past had 3 sides. One was the philosophical and theist side which was mainly developed in east India. Buddhism in Bihar, Nalanda University (oldest university in the world) and other famous intellectuals of antiquity, a lot of them come from that side of the India.

The other part was the trading part, spices-silk-gold, that part is from the south. When they about “golden bird” they mean places like Hampi.

The final part was the warrior part, the kings and maharajas and they come from the west. The rest of India could do their trade and do they praying to cows and tress, because the western India protected them from foreign invasions.

In history there is no mention of a great Bengali warrior, only Rajputs are mentioned. Marathas and Sikhs came much later, Rajputs were fighting forgiegn invasions from the time of Alexander the great. They protected the rest of India from everyone from Genghis Khan to the Ummayid caliphate. Sadly, the rest of India doesnt like to mention them in their history books.

Similarly, there is no mention in history of a great intellectual who came from Rajputana, most intellectuals came from east india or south india.

Once the Afghans managed to beat Rajputana and enter middle India, they went through everyone like butter. Middle India was not accustomed to fighting, they never seen a foreign invasion because the Rajputs had protected them. Once they Rajputs fell, the rest of India followed suit.

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