Reliance Jio’s new Postpaid Plus plan will get unlimited free calling

 Jio Postpaid Plus plan was announced at 42 AGMmeeting of Reliance Industries . In this preferred service, users will get the facility of lifetime unlimited free calling between fixed line to fixed line. Through Reliance Fiber, users will have to pay for a service in this plan. Under Pay Only for One Service, users will be able to make lifetime unlimited voice calls from their landline to any landline in the country.

The company has also announced the lowest international fixed line service under its Pay Only for One service. In this, users will get the facility to make international calls at a rate 10 times cheaper than the industry rate. In this plan, users will be able to make unlimited free international calls in the US and Canada for Rs 500 per month. Apart from these plans, the Reliance Jio Fiber Bundled offer was also announced. In this service, users will get the service of premium OTT app.


The company has also announced First Day First Show Movies. Jio smart home users can watch the movie in their homes only on the day the movie is released. It can be launched in the middle of next year. Talking about Jio Postpai Plus, in this, users will get 6 types of preferred service.

  • India’s first priority home SIM set-up service – In this service, the SIM card will be delivered to the users at home.
  • Simple Data and Voice Connectivity Everywhere – Postpaid Plus users will get seamless data and voice connectivity everywhere at home or outside.
  • Data Sharing Family Plan – Postpaid Plus users will be able to share data with their family.
  • International Roaming – Postpaid Plus users will get the facility of international roaming at cheaper rates.
  • Phone Upgrade – Users will be able to upgrade their phones at professional rates.
  • Home Solution – Postpaid Plus users will get all the facilities at home.





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