What’s with everyone linking to Amazon?

Man these days I google anything, I inadvertently find a link to amazon. It’s like any website related to a product that is available on amazon will 100% link to it every chance they get. There are decent sites that do it and then there are promotional websites with names like top10reviews or bestmachinereviews.com , that exist to link to amazon.


I figured out why they do this though, something called amazon affiliate. Whenever you click on their link and purchase a product, the website gets a small commission. For example, if you were to look for the best tv in india, you might end up on a page like: https://www.bestmachinereviews.com/televisions/best-32-inch-led-tv-in-india-2019/

following which, you might click one of their links and proceed to buy a TV from amazon. When you do that, the owner of that website getsĀ  a commission.


So that’s why the internet is replete with amazon links.

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