When One Door Closes another Opens

The last few days have been quiet, especially in comparison to the last couple of weeks. I’ve been trying to reorganize and get myself back on track. I wondered about holding on and letting go.

A door has closed. The loved one who entered the hospital a couple of weeks ago was unable to recover. I’ve never experienced the death of someone who was so close. There are many emotions right now, and I’ve been trying to adjust the last couple of days. I’m not rushing a grieving process, but I’m not someone who wallows either. Whenever I have to deal with a sad experience in my life, I try to recognize the experience for what it is and adjust my life to become a better person moving forward. I’ve been reflecting and reminiscing a lot over the last couple of days. Today, it was a gorgeous day, so I got outside.


I wondered about holding on and letting go.

I wondered about how best to honor someone each day in an active and purposeful way.

I felt sad for the path that won’t be taken, but also hopeful for what new door will open. How do you cope with troubles in your life?

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