Worship wins over Violence

Quoting from a news item..read more here.

“Undeterred by the violence and tension that have created deep divisions in Jammu and Kashmir, the two-month-long Hindu pilgrimage to the Amarnath cave shrine is drawing to a peaceful end – helped no less by Muslims at every step.”

Muslims have acted as porters, guides and hosts to more than 600,000 Hindus who have this year undertaken the arduous trek to the Amarnath cave temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, one of the Hindu Trinity, in the south Kashmir Himalayas.

This year the number of pilgrims has been record-breaking, an official said, adding that in 2003, a record 500,000 pilgrims had visited the temple shrine when the pilgrimage was first extended to a two-month period.

The moral of this news is that neither muslims nor hindus residing in kashmir hate each other.With several years of their coexistence they always have walked arms in arms.This all hatred is spread and supported by pakistanis in name of islam and Independence of kashmir.

It is a step by step progression to root kashmir out of india.We have to do something to stop this.

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